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How can a virtual environment help you?
Some are finding that their existing servers hardware is getting dated, others may be finding that instead of one or two servers, they now have a server farm.
With an increase in hardware, your maintenance and monitoring of those systems becomes a nightmare. Having the ability to take a physical server and convert it to a virtual guest, opens up a whole new set of options, from creating snapshots during a system upgrade (this will allow absolute reversal of any changes) to complete system restore. With a virtual infrastructure, you could keep system backups off-site for quicker data and system recovery in case of disaster.
System redundancy comes into play also. Say one of your servers slows to a crawl or hardware fails all together, if two or three virtual hosts were available, that system would either be automatically moved to another host or in case of total failure, re-started on another host.
Another nice benefit is hardware upgrade, a virtual infrastructure allows you to migrate your hardware to the latest in technology, this can be done transparently to the virtual guest, drastically cutting upgrade times.
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