Headline about your company’s services has been service businesses on the South Puget Sound for nearly 25 years. We cater to clients from individuals at home with a computer system that just doesn’t work, to corporations needing an on-call IT specialist that can and will show up when there is any emergency.

Patience is another aspect of our business, when a client needs help – what they don’t need is an IT staff that treats them in a less than dignified manner. That is something we don’t like and wouldn’t expect our clientele to be any different.

We Come to You

Our model is built on coming to the where the problem is. There is no need to tear down the computer to bring it in, working this way makes finding network issues or peripheral issues simpler to diagnose.

Remote assistance

Remote assistance allows a connection to a troubled computer. Sometime a remote session is all that is needed to fix an issue. Just call and we can see if a remote session will take care of the issue and get you up and running faster!

Mobile services

No matter what device you use, it can sometimes be tough to get a connection to e-mail, Remote Desktop Sessions, VPN’s. Normally you can set the device and leave it alone and it will hum along nicely, but issues can crop up due to changing technology or phone updates. We can help with these issues.


Things don’t always break during work hours, it’s just the nature of the electronic age we find ourselves. We an issue is reported, it is our goal to get all systems up and running with as little downtime as possible.

Off-site Backups

Secure off-site backups prevent loss of data due to hardware failure or in extreme cases total system loss off-site backups also protect against difficult to detect zero-day infections.


Wired and or Wireless networks are the backbone of information technology. If your having connectivity issues with wireless or wired connections or want to extend your wireless capability,  We can help plan and deploy the right systems for your needs.